Great ACE Day

What Is "Great ACE Day" or GAD?

Great ACE Day, or GAD as it's often referred, is an event that is celebrated annually on August 1st.  In 1987, Kenneth C. Jenkins (ACE #17) had a brainstorm and named it Great ACE Day.  The first four "targets" and cover "themes" were selected by Ken.

After Ken left ACE, the ACE officers picked the theme, but the membership nominated and then voted for the GAD target.  The theme portion of the process is not always utilized, usually determined by the current president. 
At some point in time it was decided not to have a theme but to check the annual membership roster for the collecting interests for the one nominated, and to design covers around the recipient's collecting or other interests. This makes cover designs more personal to the GAD target.

Once the GAD target is determined, the selected recipient would be inundated with covers - all marked GAD (# xx), and postmarked August 1.  It's a fun event and all ACE members are encouraged to participate by sending GAD covers to all members of ACE while sending several extras to the GAD target.

From an old ACE handbook, here are some "tips" from Ken Jenkins for consideration during the GAD process:

1)   Make a friendship stamp (Local Post)

2)   Design a special cover.  Mail extra covers to favorite ACE'ers

3)   Mail special covers to members you haven't written to in the past

4)   Mail your covers early on August 1st

This is the premier annual ACE event, and all members are encouraged to participate.  This is a once in a lifetime honor bestowed on an ACE member; final recipients can only be selected once!

Year GAD Target/Recipient ACE # Theme #  rec'd
1987 Charlie Delgado 020 Friendship 140
1988 Dixie Glessner 004 Flying High w/ ACE 160+
1989 Dave Lemon 141 America the Beautiful 300+
1990 Edith Medley 002 The Joy of Living  
1991 Dick Seyler 162 No theme  
1992 Carol Remmick 081 Share A Cover, Make A Friend 110
1993 Thom E-Youssoupoff 242 Enjoy Mother Nature's Art 60+
1994 David Garrett 080 No theme 60+
1995 Rudy Viol 246 Get in the GAD Spirit - 10th Anniversary 96
1996 Betty Speirs 287 Teamwork  
1997 No Target   Members' own theme  
1998 George M. Hill 3rd 339 Baseball 136
1999 Frank Horvath 164    
2000 Phil Edwards 353    
2001 Darlene Altschul 052    
2002 Ted Tompkins 338    
2003 Dave Curtis 382    
2004 John Martin 343    
2005 Jim Eckert 179    
2006 Richard "Doc" Nichol 379   500+
2007 Dennis Gelvin 393   628
2008 Viola Gianetti 359   400+
2009 Joe Doles 121   546
2010 Jim Norris 227   537
2011 David Snyder
487 Friendship 644
2012 Diane Bombard
458 ACE = Friendship 631
2013 Cal Breaux 183   ???
2014 Pam Frahm                   494                                                                       ???      
2015 Dalene Thomas
Dave Bombard

Don Mangus


So, what is it like to be named the annual GAD Target?  John Martin (ACE 343) was the honoree in 2004, and found a unique way to describe his reactions to the honor: in one of his familiar Galvin Gazette formats.  Click on the link below to read his tale of gratitude.

ACE 343 reaction to being named the 2004 GAD Target!

Galvin Gazette/GAD Pt.1     Galvin Gazette/GAD  Pt.2